24 Hours of Hell in Paradise

Where the pedal meets the party. Join us October 6-7 in the beautiful Kaaawa Valley.

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24 Hours of Hell Culture

Now in it’s 17th year, the 24 Hours of Hell has developed it’s own unique culture.

This isn’t just a race, it’s a chance to get away for the weekend and recalibrate body and soul. I love to walk around camp, talking with friends, meeting new people, tasting the food and basically forgetting about real life for the day. There’s no doubt that the competition is fierce, but it’s muted by the spirit of Aloha that’s felt when we escape our busy lives in the city and converge on the North Shore to share our passion for mountain biking.


You’ve got 24 hours to hit the trails! Whether you’ve come to ride and few laps, hang out with friends, or buckle down and go for the gold, you’ll find plenty of amazing riding at the 24 Hours of Hell in Paradise.


What does eating have to do with a 24 hour endurance race? Well that’s just how we do things in Hawaii! Not everybody who participates is here to win. Most bring a tent, a BBQ grill and an empty stomach. Join the party!


At the race you’ll see plenty of riders battling it out. But it’s about more than that, it’s about good times. In the morning when the tents come down and everyone is heading home, what matters is the smiles.

*Participants who sign up during Late Registration will not receive a t-shirt. This isn’t because we are mad at you. We just need to get the t-shirt order sent to the printer in advance so we are able to have them delivered before the race.


Packet Pickup

Packet pickup will be held from 12:00pm to 5:00pm at Boca Hawaii on these days:

Saturday September 29th

Link to Boca Hawaii on Google Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/pcmfi2nydwq

What is the date of the race?

October 6-7, 2018. The race schedule is as follows:

7:00am: Surf Gate Opens
8:45am: Rider Meeting
9:00am: 24 Hour Events Starts
11:00am: Surf Gate Closes
10:00pm: Camping
9:00am: 24 Hour Event Finishes
9:30pm: Awards and Giveaways

All riders must have break down camp and exit the ranch by 12:00pm Sunday.

What options do I have for racing?

You may race solo as an individual or on a team. For the 24 Hour teams may be up to 5 riders.

How does scoring work?

Each time you pass through the start gate you will be scored one lap. The rider who completes the most laps wins. If team members choose to ride and finish a lap together, only one lap is scored, not one for each rider. Team members should never proceed through the start gate together, only the rider finishing the current lap.

How do I get to the event?

The event is held in the Kaaawa Valley which is owned by Kualoa Ranch. The entrance however is not at Kualoa Ranch. It’s at what locals call the ‘Surf Gate’. Here are Google Directions to the ‘Surf Gate’. The morning of the race folks will be stationed at gate.

Can I change my division or switch races?

Yes you may, up to two weeks before the race. If you find yourself on a partial team and would like to switch to solo, we completely understand. If you sign up for the 6 Hour but decide you’d like to enter the 24 Hour, we understand. Please inform us of these decisions two weeks prior to race start. We won’t be making race or division changes after two weeks before the race except in special situations.

Is there a charge for spectators?


With the increase in fees for access to the venue, we may have one in 2018.

What about camping?

Camping Out? That’s part of the fun. Come in a few hours before start time and get a spot, better yet talk with your friends and set up a neighborhood. Just be sure to not set up next to the guy with the big screen TV, video games and blender if you want to sleep. Those of you with generators, please put them in the most sound friendly as possible areas and cut them off at night if you are not using them. And one more thing, between laps? Get o​ut and cruise the neighborhoods, its a cool trip.

Is there race-day registration?

No. Plain and simple. Registration is available online months in advance. There is to much to do race day to hassle with registration. If you want to wait until the race has started and someone has a free minute to register you, you may have a chance. But, the people racing have priority.

What if it rains?

This is Hawaii and it may rain at anytime. Bring a waterproof tent and whatever rain gear you’d like. Plan on mud as well. Tools and supplies to clean your bike will come in handy.

Course Description

Kualoa Ranch is a busy place. Movies and TV shows are often being filmed there. Guided tours are conducted. And the ranch livestock are moved from pasture to pasture. Because of this, we are not able to finalize the course until the week before the race. Yes, you read that correctly! We don’t know until the week before the race what the actually course will be.

We can tell you that historically the course is usually between 5-6 miles a lap and consists of a combination of technical singletrack and fireroad. The total length, and how much of the course is singletrack versus fireroad is unknown until a week before the race. The course is suitable for all levels of riders.

This limitation has been a blessing as the course changes from year to year, keeping it somewhat unpredictable and fresh.

Kualoa Ranch - A venue like no other

Only twice a year do we get into the valley to ride our bikes. We make sure to get the most out of it.
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