• You may have to dodge a few cows while racing

    Format & Rules


The format is simple. The rider or team that completes the most laps before the time is up, wins. If two riders (or teams) complete the same number of laps, the rider who completed the most recent lap first, wins. The race ends at 24 Hours, not 24 hours plus a lap. You must complete your last lap before the 24 hours is completed for your last lap to count.


Solo Fatbike, Solo SS Men, Solo Women, Team Fatbike, Team Men, Team Women, Solo Men, Solo SS Women, Team Coed, Team Junior, Team SS. Categories that don’t have at least three participants or teams may be merged with another category.


Adequate lighting is required for night laps (handlebar, helmet or both). At a certain point in the evening riders won’t be allowed to continue until they have equipped adequate lighting. Riding at night is great fun, unless you can’t see…

Race Schedule

7:00am: Surf Gate Opens
8:45am: Rider Meeting
9:00am: 24 Hour Events Starts
11:00am: Surf Gate Closes
10:00pm: Camping
9:00am: 24 Hour Event Finishes
9:30pm: Awards and Giveaways

All riders must have break down camp and exit the ranch by 12:00pm Sunday.


Camping has always been a tradition at the 24 Hours of Hell in Paradise. This year that tradition continues. Camping is approved from Saturday to Sunday. Campers must break down and exit the ranch by noon on Sunday.


We’ll be using Webscorer.com to time the event. Webscorer allows participants and spectators alike to view race results live on their phones. Time keepers will not be available for questions during the race, please use your phones for up-to-date race info.

Solo vs Team

Riders may choose to either participate solo, or on a team. Teams consist of up to 5 riders for the 24 hour event. Team members are welcome to ride together but… each lap only counts as one lap, regardless of how many team members ride together.

Protective Gear

Helmets and shoes are required for the race as well as warmup. Participating without either will result in disqualification. Additional protective gear is up to the discretion of the rider.

Course Traffic

If you hear someone coming up behind you quickly, look for the first opportunity to safely move aside and let the rider by. In addition, you will likely run into motorcycles on the course, be aware that they cannot hear you coming over their engines.


The camp and race start is at Low Camp in Kaaawa Valley. The entry is the Surf Gate which is about a half mile past the main Kualoa Ranch entrance. We will provide a map to the Surf Gate. Do not inquire about the race at the Ranch Main Entrance, they don’t like that. The Surf Gate must remain locked at all times. The gate being left open is cause for the ranch to immediately stop the race.


Register online at Webscorer.com: Online Registration. Race day registration will not be available.

Spectator Charges

With the increase in fees for access to the venue, we may have one in 2018.


A Fatbike is a mountain bike with 3.75 inch or wider tires. Plus sized tire bikes are not Fatbikes. Entrants on 26+, 27.5+ or 29+ that register as Fatbikes will be moved to the corresponding non Fatbike category.

Event Location

Basecamp, is the low camp in Kaaawa valley. Entry to basecamp is NOT accessed from the main Kualoa Ranch entrance. The entrance is about 1 mile north of the main ranch entrance at what is called the Surf Gate. The gate MUST remain locked except during specific times before and after the race. THE GATE BEING LEFT OPEN IS CAUSE FOR THE RANCH TO IMMEDIATELY STOP THE RACE! If the race is stopped all will be required to pack up and leave, This has never happened, but it nearly did at a race last year. The gate will be controlled and manned by security from 7am to 10am, 9pm to 11pm on Saturday and 9am to 12pm on Sunday. Entry or exit any other time will only be allowed if a marshal is available to unlock it.

Please do not leave behind any trash. Please use the toilets and not the woods. Others walk their dogs in the woods and the dogs love to roll in the stuff. The pavilion will be an area of noise, if you camp next to it be aware of this. The low central road and the bunker are OFF LIMITS during the day, the ranch has rides going on that bring in thousands of dollars more than we do, and they do not want them interrupted.

Water and a generator with power strips for charging lights will be set up at the pavilion.


All riders must wear shoes and a helmet while racing or warming up. All riders must complete at least three laps. Teams with more than one rider out riding will only have one of the riders laps counted. If a rider is overdue, his/her team may go out looking for them. Riders need not finish on the bike they start on. If the team captain chooses, a riders lap may be cancelled and another rider sent out to replace them, this choice may not be altered later. In scoring, a rider’s finish time will be noted and lap counted.

We will be using RFID chip timing for this event. The chips mount to your helmets. Be sure to pay attention when the timing screw explains where and how to mount the chips to ensure accurate timing.

How scoring works: The rider enters the timing arch, announces his/her number and exits. The rider then may go back out or stop. DO NOT come back through the arch until the end of your next lap.

All riders or their team mates are responsible for insuring that the score keeper hears and acknowledges you. We are all tired and many numbers sound alike. All riders must finish their laps within the 24 hour period for them to count. Riders trying to pass other riders should announce they are doing it and it should be done on “wider” spots of the course, please listen for riders approaching you from behind and move out of the way when it is safe to do so.

Misc: Beware of vehicles, they are not planning to stop for you, always give horses the right of way (even if it slows your lap time), imagine yourself as the rider if the horse bolts. Try not to blind the people scoring at night, announce who you are, with your gear on you all look alike to us. Watch out for one another out there, in emergencies you may use the low road to get help.